Tips For Best Health

Tips For Best Health

Tangerines, Fruit, Clementines

Because many people are affected by the disease because their hours of sleep are haphazard and not quality. Many of them sleep late and wake up too early. The reason for work makes them do an unhealthy lifestyle. After a day of work, our bodies need to rest so that the organs in the body also do not work too hard. There are many illnesses due to lack of sleep that lurk people with insufficient hours of sleep.

And when sleeping, it would be nice if you sleep with the lights off and improve your sleep quality by sleeping without a pillow. Not only at night, but sleeping during the day will also benefit our bodies.

Keep the diet

We must be able to maintain our diet, so we don’t leave breakfast and always set our meal. People who can not keep their diet will easily get stomach ulcers. The first symptom of heartburn that will be felt by people who do not have a regular eating pattern is that the stomach feels twisted and often has abdominal pain. To avoid things like that, here are also some tips on maintaining a good diet:

Consume balanced nutrition

Eating foods with balanced nutrition
Already familiar with foods with balanced nutrition, foods with balanced nutrition are 4 healthy and 5 perfect. All nutritional foods are in 4 healthy and 5 perfect foods. Indeed, due to economic factors many people who can not do a diet like that. Their diet is mostly if there is already vegetables, then there are no side dishes. Even if both are present, many people cannot drink milk every day, so that the 4 healthy 5 perfect foods with balanced nutrition are not fulfilled.

Avoid overeating or lacking

Don’t overeat or lack
Overeating can make us overweight or obese which can trigger various diseases such as heart attacks and stroke. While eating too little (due to dietary reasons, for example) risks reducing the intake of nutrients needed by the body. Eat according to your needs, ideal body weight is healthy.

Eat smaller portions, but more often. This is good enough to be implemented. We can change the meal schedule a little, if you are used to eating large portions with a small frequency, which is 2-3 times a day. Then we can divide it into 4 or 5 times a day, in smaller portions. The purpose of breaking down this portion of food so that the body is avoided from receiving too much food that must be digested at one time,

Avoid junk food

Junk Food (Junk Food)
Junk food is also called junk food. Junk food is junk food because in the food there is no nutrition at all. Precisely food is a source of disease for the body. Junk food is food that contains high saturated fat which is a source of coronary heart disease. So that the body does not get sick easily, of course we must avoid these junk food items.

Consumption of fibrous food

Eat fibrous foods (vegetables and fruit)
Fibrous food has been trusted and proven to be very instrumental in maintaining a healthy body. We need fibrous food to keep our body healthy and fit. Fibrous foods that function to prevent constipation and also make digestive organs healthy. Foods that are high in fiber are also useful for removing toxins that stick to the intestines, especially the large intestine. If the large intestine has a lot of toxins then the risk for colon cancer tends to be large. One food source that is rich in fiber and has amazing benefits for the body including broccoli, apples, carrots and nuts.

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