The Best Way to Maintain Children’s Mental Health

The Best Way to Maintain Children’s Mental Health

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How many times have you checked your child’s physical health at the doctor in 1 year? Maybe you are checking a child’s health due to symptoms of fever, runny nose, cough and so on.

Then, how many times have you checked children’s mental health in 1 year? 1 time, 2 times, 3 times or not at all? Yes, most parents are more concerned with children’s physical health than their mental health. Many parents also tend to forget the mental health of children, because they think the child will still be okay.

In fact, it is possible that your child’s mental health is disturbed unnoticed. According to research, an estimated 1 in 5 children experience mental disorders in certain years / ages.

Meanwhile, not all mental health problems can be prevented. That is why it is important for parents to be aware of children’s health problems by keeping their children in good mental health every day. But, how are the steps?

Steps to Maintain Children’s Mental Health
1. Take care of your mental health
The first way to maintain a child’s mental health is to ensure that you, his parents, have a healthy mental state. Parents who have mental health disorders, will usually develop the same mental health problems in children.

Children are at greater risk of mental health problems when parents have the same problem. Mental health problems of an untreated parent can make family life inconsistent or unpredictable.

Disruption of parental mental health also affects the ability of parents to care for children and interfere with marital relations. This condition has an impact on children’s mental health.

So, if you experience mental health disorders, immediately seek the help of experts. Research shows that when a parent’s mental health disorder improves, the symptoms of mental disorders in children also improve.

2. Build Trust with Children
The next way to maintain children’s mental health is to build trust with children. The reason is, a child’s relationship with parents plays an important role in his mental health.

The best way to build trust with children is to create a safe, and comfortable atmosphere when together.

Simple examples include calming when they are afraid, worrying, caring for children when they are sick, and preparing food when they are hungry. The most important thing is to commit to never hurt a child, both physically and emotionally.

3. Grow Healthy Relationships with Other People
Growing healthy relationships with other people is the next way to maintain a child’s mental health. The effort to grow healthy relationships with other people actually starts from you.

The reason is, when you do not have a good relationship with other people, then the child will also imitate your habits.

In fact, children should have another life outside of their lives together with you. He needs to connect with other family members, with friends and have his own social life.

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