Recognize trigger foods, control your intake of sugar and salt

Recognize trigger foods, control your intake of sugar and salt

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Consuming excessive sugar and salt can interfere with health, however it is still necessary to consume sugar and salt in the right levels.

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Breathe deeply
You may know how to breathe, but have you breathed in an appropriate and healthy way? Strangely most of us do not breathe properly – because it only breathes shallow. Like an athlete who is trained in proper breathing techniques to get their best performance. A full breath in which you really fill your lungs with oxygen will make us fresher and more excited.

Avoid ways to eat that involve emotional
Quite often when we are stressed or feel pressured we eat more, this is a disaster for health. How to eat that involves emotions or indulge in emotions will cause adverse effects, the most visible of course is obesity.

Eat-in small portions
Eat a little but often, this will make you feel better. Because thus the body will be able to digest food in a metabolic process more perfectly. This does not mean it is justification for snacking habits of course.

Stop eating when you feel full
Most of us often have erratic eating habits sometimes we eat too much or too little. Not infrequently social situations are also supportive such as when we are in the middle of a party. Remember that you are not a grinding machine that can finish all food served.

Chocolate carbohydrates vs. white carbohydrates

Replacing white rice with brown rice or rice with remaining epidermis, white bread with whole wheat bread is a good habit for health.

Live with purpose
Positive health starts from the inside! Do you live a meaningful life? Are you living in line with your goals? Be sure to set a goal in life, and achieve it with calmness is a good thing and means for life and health.

Say no to greasy food
Reducing the intake of fast food, fried foods and other oily foods will be good for health.

Take control of sugar, once again!
Save things that are too sweet, candy, chocolate, cake with a topping that is too sweet. Maybe all the good and extraordinary in the eyes may be even more when touching the tongue, but remember health is absolute.

Improve and pay attention to body posture
Good posture provides many benefits, such as; improve breathing, make you look smarter and more attractive, which will certainly have a good impact on mental and physical health.

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