Do not drink alcohol

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Go organic

There are often questions, “what is organic food? industrial solvents, or chemical additives”. Just by paying attention to the explanation, you might have imagined green vegetables, or fruit without pesticides, which is certainly free from worry to eat it too.

Reduce the consumption of soda and caffeine
Its diuretic – which means it can accelerate the rate of urine production, will certainly reduce water intake in the body. You should replace caffeine or alcohol with sugar-free fruit juices that contain more water and are more delicious, of course.

Do not drink alcohol
Like caffeine, alcohol is a diuretic, and not only that, alcohol has repeatedly been proven to have negative effects on our body and health – such as affecting the functioning of the brain, liver, lungs, and other major organs. If you drink alcohol regularly, it’s time to stop it.

Prepare your own food
Most of us with a fast-paced, modern lifestyle want something that is instant and completely available. Included in terms of eating, you should prepare your own food. Because there are more things that can be controlled and noticed which is certainly beneficial for personal health.

Learn to say no
The difficult thing, especially for those who like to hang out with friends. But occasionally say no, it’s good and legitimate. Especially if it is done for reasons of maintaining a balanced diet and diet.

Bring your own water bottle

Bringing drinking water bottles may be less popular but for those who usually go to the office it is better to prepare and fill drinking water bottles yourself, in addition to savings because you can refill at the office pantri, also for health reasons of course.

Salad, and be sure to visit the salad bar at a fast food restaurant
At least if you still have to eat at fast food restaurants, be sure to take a salad from the salad bar. This is to meet the consumption of vegetables all day of course.

Prepare for low calorie, and low fat
Now there are many low-calorie and low-fat products to choose from, such as low-fat milk or low-calorie snacks that you can choose as a substitute for high-fat and calorie foods.

Quit smoking
It has been widely proven that smoking harms health, from the risk of lung cancer to mouth cancer. Surely there is no relationship between smoking and virility because smoking is proven to eliminate virility itself. So stop smoking now.

Avoid smokers
For those who do not smoke, do not risk your health away from smokers now, and for smokers be prepared not to have friends. Because both are proven to damage health.

Choose healthy snacks

When hungry and when it’s time to eat it’s not good to choose healthy snacks like fruits, now low-calorie snacks are also available but consuming fruits is still more recommended.

Drink vegetable and fruit smoothies
Vegetable and fruit smoothies are certainly very healthy, besides their delicious taste you can get the benefits of fruits and vegetables all at once, of course.

Squeeze fruit juice alone
Squeezing fruit juice by yourself will be better than bottled juice, this is certainly reasonable because besides there are no preservatives you can also make sure what goes into the juice.

Try switching to being vegetarian
Being a vegetarian is not just a matter of health, because there is also a vegetarian diet that is not good. Therefore, before becoming a vegetarian it’s good to learn the ins and outs of a vegetarian. The rest try to do it gradually.

Become Vegan
Being vegan means that you are pure, not consuming anything that contains animal ins and outs, including; eggs, cheese and milk. This might be healthy, but make sure to consult in advance because everyone’s calorie needs are different.

Become raw vegan

This may be a trend, the development of a person from a person from vegetarian, to vegan, to pure vegan or raw vegan. Means leading to consumption patterns and diets that only utilize foods that are fully natural. Once again pay attention and consult with your nutritionist of course.

Do more outdoor activities
It would be nice to do more outdoor activities, especially for those who are often in the office and almost always indoors. It’s a good idea to spend the weekend with friends or family to design more activities that will leave you in the sun and fresh air. This is good for health of course.

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