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If you have made an effort to maintain the mental health of children, then do it consistently. For example, when you commit to never harming a child both physically and emotionally, then do it properly and consistently.

Or when you allow children to have closeness with other family members, for example in the case of divorced parents and children are allowed to meet their father / mother anytime, then do it consistently. By doing so, it is expected that children’s health will not be disturbed.

Teach Children Managing Stress
Another way to maintain a child’s mental health is to teach children how to manage the stress that is being faced.

Because, not only adults who can be stressed, early childhood can also experience stress. For example due to differences of opinion with friends when playing, ostracized by friends, etc.

Then teach children one or several skills to manage stress. For example by writing a diary, or by talking to friends and so forth. It’s best to identify specific things your child can do to keep his stress levels under control when he is having a hard time.

Build Healthy Habits
Building healthy habits is also another way to maintain children’s mental health. For example by regulating healthy eating patterns, healthy sleep patterns, increasing exercise is not only good for children’s physical health but also their mental health. Other things like, teaching children to continue to be grateful, to say thank you or just apologize are also believed to be able to maintain mental health.

Develop Self-Esteem
Helping children develop self-esteem can also be a step to maintaining children’s mental health. Some things you can do to develop a child’s self-esteem are the following things:

Give a sincere compliment without exaggerating
Avoid praising excessive children like praising him that he is the most intelligent child in 1 school. It is better to praise your child’s efforts rather than praising the results obtained.

Give children the opportunity to be independent
Children feel happy when they can do something themselves. So instead of asking the child to dress according to your wishes, you should give him the confidence to choose which clothes he will wear.

Encourage children to develop new skills
Help children to explore their talents and interests. Involve the child in various activities and support him to work hard to become better.

Be a good example
A child who constantly sees his parents demeaning children, then they will believe that they are indeed inferior. For that, respect children well without demeaning them.

Play with Children
The next way to maintain a child’s mental health is to take the time to play with them. Because children who have mental health really need to play. For that, start playing with children so that their mental health is maintained.

Recognize Signs of Disturbed Mental Health
An important step in maintaining children’s mental health is to recognize the signs when the child’s mental health is disrupted. The goal is for the child to immediately get help when experiencing mental disorders. That way the child’s mental health can be restored.

Ask for Expert Help immediately
If you begin to learn that a child’s mental health is impaired, seek expert help immediately. The experts will immediately observe the child and give him treatment as an effort to cure mental disorders of children.

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