7 Tips for Getting the Best Sleep Quality to Maintain Health

7 Tips for Getting the Best Sleep Quality to Maintain Health

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One factor having a healthy and fit body is having enough hours of sleep. Your body will feel light and able to do your daily work perfectly without sleepiness and fatigue. So the quality of sleep really determines your physical health and daily work activities. But unfortunately many facts say 60% of people in Indonesia have difficulty getting enough quality sleep because of many factors in it.

You often bring your work home, or you who are very stressed thinking about your problem is one of the causes of the quality of your sleep being disturbed. If you want a healthy body and positive mind start to maintain the quality of your sleep. Here will be JUST give tips for you who are difficult to sleep.

1. Maintain a Healthy Eating Pattern

Believe it or not, diet is the beginning of the source of the disease. What you consume greatly affects the body’s metabolism. Maintaining eating patterns is very influential for the success of your sleep quality. So from the day you must be diligent in eating vegetables and fruit to maintain body balance.

2. Never Take Your Work Back Home

Going home is for rest, you shouldn’t think about the problems out there that make you stressful. Your frantic mind won’t be able to make your sleep quality. You have to throw away bad thoughts and rest your thoughts for the best sleep quality.

3. Drink a glass of water when you wake up

Drinking water in the morning is very good to do for those of you who have a hard time sleeping. Performing these activities on a regular basis is believed to increase your metabolism by 24% to undergo your activities. If your metabolism is very good, your sleep is guaranteed to be sound because you do not feel tired or sore in the muscles and feel tight and hot.

4. Create a Consistent Sleep Pattern Even on Weekends

When you determine the time to sleep, you can manage your sleep schedule properly. For example when your sleep schedule is at 9 pm, you also have to keep sleeping at 9 pm for your day off. This is done so that the quality of your sleep is not disturbed because of cluttered hours of sleep.

5. Turn off the Headlight and Use the Sleep Light

The first benefit that you get when you sleep in a dark room is an increase in your immune system due to an increase in the production of the hormone melatonin which results in a more restful sleep.

Melatonin is an immune hormone that functions to fight various diseases including breast and prostate cancer. This hormone will be produced by the body to its full potential only when it is dark. By sleeping without lights, you not only save energy but also help boost your own immunity. Clean the Bed and Mattress First

6. Do Regular Exercise

Doing regular exercise can improve the quality of your sleep. Regular exercise can help you fall asleep faster, even sleep soundly. However, pay attention to sports time dear. If you do strenuous exercise nearing bedtime, maybe this can disrupt sleep which might become a boomerang for you later. So, pay attention, dear!

7. Use your most comfortable pajamas

Many people often underestimate if they have to wear comfortable clothes when they sleep. Even when you go home, often you fall asleep with the clothes you wear all day, even though it’s not allowed dear. You must use a nightgown with a high sweat absorbency to increase the quality of your sleep. It is uncomfortable if you have to wake up with a body that smells of sweat.

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