How Do Solenoid Oil Circuit Breakers Work?

Axial flow air flow is one of the more complicated processes that need to be accomplished in the electrical industry. With the many types of designs available in the market, there is always the need to know more about the process involved in axial flow. This type of flow can be categorized into two types which are reciprocating and wave. This is necessary for understanding the process of axial flow.

In axial blast air circuit breaker the airflow of air flow is parallel to the path of the electrical impulse. Therefore, the important factor to be considered here is the characteristic of fixed contact and the resultant spring pressure. Under normal circumstances, the moving and fixed contacts are held in an open position by the spring force and the valve remains shut. However, under certain conditions, the valve starts to close due to the presence of the appreciable difference in spring pressure. As a result, the moving contact and the fixed contact start touching and this causes the opening of the valve. The principle is quite simple and it is often found that the efficiency of the circuit is affected in such a manner.


To conclude, axial flow air blasting is a complex task and it requires frequent operation to keep it in the track. Any small mistake can bring in major failures and thus it is important that timely alerts are made on the presence of any such fault. This will help prevent excessive wear and tear on the circuits. For instance, frequent operation of the solenoid contacts will cause erosion at the contacts. Since excessive wear and tear of contacts lead to the erosion of solenoid, timely and regular monitoring of the solenoids can ensure proper working condition of the entire system.


Axial flow air blast circuit breakers are usually used in the oil industry. They are normally placed on the oil pump and the condenser coil. While they perform their task very efficiently and effectively, there are certain inherent factors that limit their useful life span. The most common factor is the timely installation and maintenance. If these two things are not followed, then the efficiency of these solenoid units will be reduced significantly. Apart from that, if there is a constant leakage of oil or gas from the condenser coil then the efficiency of the circuit breaker would reduce drastically.


An efficient air circuit breaker also has to be highly resistant. Its metal body has to be able to bear the intense metal ions produced during its operation. This means that the metal must be totally covered with an arc quenching medium and not exposed to the atmospheric atmosphere. Only then will the air blasting function properly and continuously for a longer duration.


There are two types of contacts used in this circuit breaker. These are the magnetic contact and the piezoelectric contact. The former is composed of a series of contacts sealed by a metallic layer and is capable of storing mechanical energy. This energy is harnessed when the circuit breaker is closed and releases it when the main contacts open. The same procedure is followed when the main contacts are opened as the stored mechanical energy is released through the pressure switch.


These devices use the concept of electromagnetic induction. In the past, electrical discharge was used as a means of improving the working principle of these solenoid oil circuit breakers. However, they soon found out that the discharge produced too much heat and hence they were not suitable for welding purposes. The present system uses the concept of induction. The working principle is similar to that of the induction generator used in electrical machines.


The working principle is such that once the main contacts are open, the metallic layer close to the contacts starts heating up and this causes the electric current to flow through the terminals. Once sufficient amount of energy is generated, a sufficient current will flow through the cut off wire and once again upon cutting the current, it is cut off from the metal near the cut off wire. Thus, in this way, there is a continuous energy flow and there is no need for continuous air blast circuit breakers. If you think you are the perfect candidate for using these solenoid oil circuit breakers, then you can place your order online. For any further information or assistance, you can always consult with your online servicing expert.


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